Southfield (CW50) – War dogs have served alongside the men and women of the armed forces in several conflicts and wars across U.S. history. These war dogs provided many different skills and were seen as veterans, just as their human companions were, and these dogs are honored through their own memorial right here in Michigan.

At the Michigan War Dog Memorial in South Lyon, it is their mission to continue restoration of the hallowed ground into a park setting and maintain that setting for the purpose of allowing interment of retired Military Working Dogs and retired Service Dogs. To provide interment, with full honors, at no cost to the handler/owner, and to provide research for military records and/or service records.

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In WWI war dogs were called Ambulance Dogs, and were trained to find wounded soldiers in No-Man’s land after a frontal attack. In WWII they were trained in many disciplines; scout, tracker, sentry and messenger. According to Military records War Dogs saved 15,000 lives during this conflict. During the Korean War, there was only one War Dog platoon deployed consisting of about 28 dogs. Of those 28 dogs on patrol, thousands of ambushes were averted saving thousands of lives. In Vietnam further disciplines were added to their training; explosive and trap detection. According to the Military they saved 10,000 lives during this conflict. Today, there are still thousands of dogs deployed, now know as Military Working Dogs.

Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Phil Weitlauf, President of War Dog Memorial

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Phil Wettlauf, President of Michigan War Dog Memorial, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about the history of war dogs in the U.S. Military and the reason the memorial was created.

The memorial is located at 25805 Milford Rd. South Lyon, MI. You can find more information at

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