Southfield (CW50) – Over the last decade, the resurgence in the popularity of vinyl records has swept across the United States, leading the the repressing of classic records to pressings of modern day albums.

Fans of vinyl records are very passionate about the the differences between vinyl and other forms of media. Some saying the sound quality is better, the authenticity makes the music more rich, and the ability to hold a physical copy of the music brings a greater experience to playing records through the use of turntables again, sparking nostalgia. Third Man Records in the Cass Corridor in Detroit are major proponents of the vinyl resurgence. So much so that Third Man Pressing, a state-of-the-art vinyl production facility, was created in 2017 as a part of Third Man Records building downtown.

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Exterior of Third Man Records

Third Man Records is a record label founded by Detroiter and musician Jack White in 2001, with its Detroit branch opening in 2015. The Detroit location serves as a studio, retail store, bookstore, and vinyl pressing plant.

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Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Dave Buick of Third Man Records

Dave Buick of Third Man Records, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect as we see an inside look of Third Man Records/Pressing and learn about the importance of vinyl records to the music industry.

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