(CBS Detroit) – President Biden toured Pfizer’s largest manufacturing facility outside Kalamazoo, Michigan where he met with workers producing the covid-19 vaccine.

President Biden said, “We have the needles, so come on over.”

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The visit comes as winter weather has snarled vaccine shipments across the country complicating the ongoing concerns over supply.

Andy Slavitt, White House Senior Advisor on COVID-19 Response said, “As of now, we have a backlog of about 6 million doses due to the weather.”

The White House COVID response team says shipping companies will take up Saturday deliveries.

The team is also calling on facilities administering the vaccine to offer extended hours and additional appointments to catch up.

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Slavitt said, “If we all work together from the factory all the way to the vaccinators, we will make up for it in the coming week.”

Also in the coming weeks, the Biden Administration says it will open five more federal-state mass vaccination sites in Florida and Pennsylvania.

House GOP leaders sent a memo to its members recommending a “no-vote” on the legislation claiming the measure is rushed …that it bails out blue states and that the funding for schools does not guarantee they’ll be reopened for in-person learning.

Nancy. Pelosi, Speaker of the House said, “It’s about resources.”

The house could vote on the bill as soon as next week.

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