For nearly a year most schools in the area have been virtual only, but now as districts resume in-person learning they would like to remind drivers of school bus safety.

At the end of January Chippewa Valley Schools in Macomb County returned to a hybrid learning system, and upon the first day of in-person, Thomas Korth says, bus drivers immediately noticed motorists repeating a dangerous trend.

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“It’s irritating you know when you’re behind the wheel and you see somebody that just disregards your stop signal and passes the bus while students are loading, it puts the students in an unsafe situation.”

Korth is the Transportation Director for Chippewa Valley Schools and says due to a driver shortage he finds himself behind the wheel of school buses, and he’s fed up with people ignoring the stop signals. He says they transport over 5000 students per day, and every day someone blows right pass buses when the stop sign is deployed.

“Sometimes drivers are distracted or they’re in a hurry to get to work or drop off their kids at school.”

Although, Korth says it’s just not worth the risk of harming or hitting a child, and the wait time is usually just a minute or so. He says they’ve worked with the Macomb County Sheriff’s in the past on identifying drivers not following the rules.

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“The fine is pretty steep it was $250 for the driver as a fee and plus you have to appear in court.”


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