Southfield (CW50) – After WORKING on the assembly line since he was 18 years old, installing panels on Ford Escorts, Tony Roko was pulled off of his assigned duties when his talent for painting was discovered. Ford approached him while he was working to ask if he was the “kid that does the sketches.”  At first he thought he was in trouble, but they approached him because they wanted him to spearhead the company’s plant beautification program by painting murals around the factory.

Years later, Ford still uses Tony Roko’s talents in their company, most recently with an 8-foot painting inside Detroit’s historical Michigan Central Train Station. Ford purchased the station in an effort to revitalize the area.

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In partnership with Wolverine Human Services, Tony Roko founded the Art Foundation, a nonprofit focused providing art education and creative expression opportunities to Detroit’s youth. The foundation works out of Roko’s studio and focuses on Southeast Michigan schools and therapeutic facilities. The program will begin to develop each student’s distinct style and intuitive self-expression.

Community Connect Guest Host April Moss, with Tony Roko, Founder of Art Foundation

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Tony Roko, founder of Art Foundation, joins guest host April Moss on Community Connect to discuss the creation of Art Foundation and what he hopes to grow it into for the future.

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