Southfield (CW50) – At the beginning of each new year, it is common for people to want to improve their overall health and wellness. This may happen with exercise programs, healthier food choices, stress reduction, or several other practices. One of the most important outcomes, is the improvement of one’s mental health and wellness.

Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Trish Ward, the Soulful Nutritionist

To illustrate the necessity of getting serious about taking care of both our bodies and our minds, Soulful Nutritionist Trish Ward joins Lisa Germani on Saturday’s Community Connect. She shares her breathing and tapping techniques, along with her overall healthy living strategy for nutrition, rest, exercise, and stress reduction.

Trish Ward, a certified integrated health coach, struggled with burnout, sleepless nights, daily exhaustion, and foggy thinking, until she found a passion for helping other women who were committed to feeling and being better. She coaches others to ditch the “ugly symptoms” that come with ignoring yourself and to “get real.”

The change in her life came when her second child was born with special needs. The stresses and challenges that come with not just raising a child, but a child with challenges, left her wanting to improve her mental health through the creation a space for herself. This journey inspired her to help guide other individuals through long-term transformation, as they create coping mechanisms for all types of stressful situations.

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