(CBS Detroit)– Seven years ago thanks to Jacqueline Drake’s husband, she and her family welcomed home a new addition.

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“Somehow he found a bird in the parking lot and called me and the boys and said, can I bring this bird home.” Jacqueline recalling a phone call from her husband

Growing up with birds and being an animal lover, Jacqueline said yes, and instantly an adorable little blue bird they named “Lucky” became a part of their family.

“We get so attached to these creatures even if they’re small, shelled, furry, whatever it may be, in our house, feathered, so you know their your babies”

That’s why Jacqueline says it was hard to say goodbye to Lucky. Who gained additional wings just before Christmas last year. Wanting to give him a nice memorial, she turned to Loyal Paws.

“We took care of their bird services for them, we went to their house and picked up the bird for them and walked through the whole process.” Said Jason Dickman, Community Outreach Director with Loyal Paws

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The staff not only offers cremation and memorial services but knowing that losing a pet can have a long-term effect on families they also have a grief counselor on hand.

“Weather its 3 months, 6 months a year we’re still taking to families that are having a rough time, especially with children”

Loyal Paws has been helping those in the community with pet memorial and other services for 5 years, and just this week has opened a new facility in Franklin. A place Jacqueline says gave her and her family peace in a time of grief.

“In a world right now that’s filled with so much sadness and anger, its just really nice to know there’s nice people out there, and that there’s a space a beautiful healing space for this kind of work.

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