Southfield (CW50) – Joe Gall, better known as ‘Camera Jesus’, has spent his photography career taking photos of the world’s most beautiful locations for both personal and commercial reasons. However, his life has always taken him back to Detroit after each trip, using the city as his biggest creative inspiration and as the backdrop of some of his most iconic photos.

Joe Gall got the name ‘Camera Jesus’ from the common depiction of Jesus Christ as a bearded man with long straightened hair. “The actual conception came about a couple years back, after I edited a TV spot for the Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus exhibit at the DIA. I created my logo from turning that photo into a vector and added a camera in my hands.”

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Gall’s career really took off with the use of Instagram, making it an easier place to upload a portfolio of work that would reach the biggest audience.

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Some of Joe Gall’s photos of Detroit (Credit: Joe Gall Photography)

Joe Gall, Photographer, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about his iconic photography career and why he’s never moved away from Detroit.

Joe Gall aka Camera Jesus, Photographer, with Community Connect Host Lisa Germani

You can see Joe’s photos on his Instagram @camera_jesus

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