(CNN) – A Michigan judge has lowered the bond for two suspects in an alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Attorneys for two brothers, William and Michael Null, appeared virtually before a judge in Antrim County Wednesday.

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The attorneys argued that a quarter-million dollars all-cash bond is constitutionally excessive.

But a state prosecutor, who was also on the Zoom, said the two brothers are extremely dangerous.

They’re facing charges of providing material support for terrorism, a potential 20-year felony.

The judge agreed to lower their bond to ten percent of the same amount, paid cash or surety.

“Even though the charges fall into a category that is not congregate against an individual, they are still allegedly a danger to the public, government officials, the Governor, law enforcement from everything I’ve read in the motion,” said Judge Michael S. Stepka, Grand Traverse 86th District Court.

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The Null brothers are among 13 people facing state or federal charges in the alleged plot.

Investigators said its goal was to overthrow several state governments that, in the suspects’ minds, violated the U.S. Constitution.