(CBS DETROIT)– State and City officials said from the very beginning that ballots counts would not be completed on election day, now today the day after election there are community activist out marching around the city to make sure that when those ballots are tallied, that everyone’s vote is counted.


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“We’re not going to let them stop until every single vote is counted”

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib joined hundreds from the community and grassroots organizations in midtown, for one of several rallies and marches in Detroit. The peaceful events were in support of those who voted absentee, demanding that although the election is over, those votes are still counted.



“It’s a process for a reason especially in the times that we’re living in the virus and everything we have to allow this process to actually work so we can see how the powers in the Country is transitioned.” Said Nicholas Buckingham with Michigan Liberation

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Several members of the clergy from various religious backgrounds joined with other activists, and Marched down Woodward in solidarity of the cause.


“A travesty of Democracy what we’re seeing” Said Tristen Taylor with Detroit Will Breathe


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What the organizers say they are seeing, is the suppression of the absentee ballot votes, and as long as that’s happening, they will continue to march.