(CBS DETROIT) – With President Donald Trump sealing the lid of his campaign Monday night in Grand Rapids and Senator Kamala Harris bringing the Biden team to Detroit on election day, it’s clear to see that both campaigns are pulling out the gloves for the battleground state in hopes that a win for Michigan means a win for the White House.

The polls are closed and the count for Michigan’s 16 electoral votes is on.

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“Clearly if we believe the polls Michigan will go Democratic but you can’t gauge the enthusiasm for this president that I see with the tens of thousands of people that have turned up out rather for Donald Trump,” said Sam Riddle, Michigan National Action Network president, 910 AM radio host.

The state of Michigan is proving to be a key factor in the 2020 general election as President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden ramped up visits in the last two weeks to rally up voters for the victory.

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“One of the reasons why Michigan is also important is because of Michigan’s connection to the working man. The middle-class. Michigan has always I think illustrated and highlighted that component for candidates. This idea to be able to connect to the middle class and what better way to portray that than to connect with a blue-collar Michigan, the home of the auto industry,” said Eric Ham, author, D.C. political analyst.

Back in 2016 Trump won Michigan by over 10,000 votes turning the traditionally blue state red and now voters are waiting for the results to see where Michigan will shape up in 2020.

“Donald Trump still has that very narrow path to win re-election which includes Michigan and now we’re seeing joe Biden the former vice president from Scranton, Pennsylvania no less competing to try to rebuild that blue wall if you will to ensure that democrats hold on to not just Michigan but also Wisconsin and Pennsylvania,” said Ham.

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