(CBS DETROIT)- 58-year-old Leonard Knoblock also known as Lenny was always a healthy person. That is until his Covid-19 diagnoses in early August.

“I need to be relied on I have to have people help me, it’s not the easiest thing when the roles change,” says Leonard Knoblock

And life as he knows it has changed says Lenny, as he deals with the after effects of this virus that’s still a mystery to most. Beth says she knew something wasn’t right this summer when her husband became very weak out of nowhere. About a week later…

“His fever was 100.3, now extremely lethargic he could’t keep his eyes open his wasn’t sounding right.” says Beth Knoblock.

She then rushed Lenny to Ascension Macomb, Oakland hospital, where it was confirmed he had Covid-19. Shortly after being admitting Lenny went into respiratory distress.

“And was taken to the ICU, where he spent the next 6 weeks” Beth says.

Leonard recalls waking up in the hospital.

“Waking up in the ICU finding out how long I had been there was the worst thing that could ever have happened.”

Lenny would go on to spend 18 days on a ventilator. And after nearly 8 weeks in the hospital Lenny went home, but not to the life he once knew.


“Go from walking 6 steps to walking 84 steps.”

In addition to learning how to walk all over again, Lenny says he’s on constant oxygen, has shortness of breath, and short-term memory loss.

Doctors say, Covid-19 survivors have experienced after effects.

“People are having long-term health consequences from this virus they’re not just recovering the follow week necessarily.” says Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, State of Michigan Chief Medical Executive

As for Lenny, he says he’s taking things one step, and day at a time.

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