Southfield (CW50) – Are you looking for somewhere to go trick-or-treating this year with your family? Tillson Street in Romeo takes Halloween to a whole new level. Tillson Street is a dedicated group of homeowners that 100% personally fund extravagant Halloween decorations across a two block street in Romeo. Tillson Street has become a ​destination that brings people together from all over the world.

Terror on Tillson Street started with Vicki Lee, someone who grew up on the street with a mom who loved decorating for Halloween. She carried on the tradition as she remained on Tillson Street, and even passed the tradition down to her daughter. Throughout the decades, the surrounding neighbors from around 30 houses have joined in on the event.

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Terror on Tillson Street 2020 T-Shirt Design

Tillson Street also raises funds for local charities, programs, and scholarships. Each year, a “Halloween on Tillson Street” t-shirt is designed and sold to raise money for Romeo High School vocational and athletic programs, as well as US veterans. Each year Tillson Street awards scholarships to; high school pay-to-play, the Skills U.S.A. vocational program, the Romeo votec robotics team (the Byting Bulldogs) as well as the Wounded Warrior project. Before Halloween, Tillson Street traditionally organizes a special day in October for 50 kids and their families who are fighting juvenile cancer in a partnership with Kids Kicking Cancer.

Terror on Tillson Street (Photo by Tom Ross, DC Photography)

To get a feel for just how big Tillson Street is, each homeowner last year handed out 2,000 pieces of candy. That’s around 60,000 pieces of candy handed out on that street alone. This year, Tillson expected 20,000 visitors this year, totaling roughly 75,000 pieces of candy. With the ongoing pandemic, people will have to wait and see if that early prediction comes true. Everyone is still welcome on Tillson Street this year, they just ask that you to give space and expect to other visitors.

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Terror on Tillson Street (Photo by Tom Ross, DC Photography)

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Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Tillson Street Resident Danielle Lee

Danielle Lee, a resident on Tillson Street, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to discuss everything people can expect when visiting Tillson Street on Halloween.

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