Southfield (CW50) – Have you always felt like ghost hunting was just something you see in movies or those ghost hunting tv shows? Well, it turns out that ghosting hunting is a real thing and you can even tag along on a paranormal investigation with the Great Lakes Ghost Hunters of Michigan.

Starting back in 2018, Great Lakes Ghost Hunters completed their first investigation after forming a group full of investigators, some of whom have been paranormal investigators for over 7 years. These ghost hunters conduct investigations by collecting information using EMF readers, digital voice recorders, spirit boxes, photo and video recorders. They also collect evidence based on personal experiences on the property. In some cases, they even provide cleansings and spirit crossover assistance to a client’s property.

Some of the Great Lakes Ghost Hunters on an investigation (Photo Provided by Great Lakes Ghost Hunters)

All of that may sound like fun or terrifying, depending on who you are, but you can experience it all in person with Great Lakes Ghost Hunters’ public investigations. On October 23rd at the Westland Historic Village Park, you can join in on a ghost hunt. Participants will get to use the professional equipment or even bring their own, just remember to bring a flashlight for your own safety. 100% of the ticket sales goes to the Westland Historical Society to help maintain the Historic Village Park.

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Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Brenda Ozog, Founder of Great Lakes Ghost Hunters of Michigan

Brenda Ozog, Founder of the Great Lakes Ghost Hunters of Michigan, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about her 10 years of paranormal investigating.

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