(CBS DETROIT) – The Zoom ride share service rolls out in its Metro Detroit debut. In direct competition with Lyft and Uber, the founders say the service will fill in gaps in the current ride-share marketplace.

“Major thing we were trying to focus on as well is the safety features, for drivers and passengers,” said Basel Alyasin, CEO co-founder of Zoom Ride Share.

And those safety features is what sets Zoom apart from the competition says Alyasin. In this Covid era, he says every car is equipped with a sneeze guard barrier between the driver and passenger, hand sanitizer and this motion activated UC sanitizing light. That will automatically turn on to sanitize the back seat between rides.

“Sanitize the car for almost 30-45 secs, then it will turn off,” he said.

In addition to Covid-19 safety measure, the service offers safety against crime, in light of passengers and drivers reporting assaults with other ride-sharing companies. He says they will offer a panic button on the passengers app.

“It’s a self-button for the passenger but for the driver he has a hardware that in case he felt any danger he just double click on that,” he said.

Once the button is activated, live audio and video from inside the car are streamed to the Zoom ride security team, which is monitored 24/7. And if there’s a need, police will be called to the location. Female passengers can also request female drivers and family member are able to track a passenger’s travel from start to finish.

And masks are required for riders and drivers, if you forget one no need to worry, they will provide one for free, for more information on the Zoom ride share visit MyZoomRide.com

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