(CBS DETROIT) – Lawlessness on the roads claimed the life of child and shook the hearts of a community.

“That’s what’s killing a lot of people is people getting under the wheel, drinking and driving. One of the things will help I think is speed bumps on some of these roads,” said Willie Robinson, family of the victims.

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Six-year-old Nala Kali Law killed in a wreck on Plymouth and Southfield.

Detroit police say a speeding drunk driver ran a red light and struck the car carrying the child.

The child’s aunt is in critical condition and two others suffered serious injuries.

“When I was up at the hospital with my daughter and one of the nurses were telling me how many people is coming there from people running lights, people driving fast, under the wheel, drinking. Don’t care. Changing lanes without signals,” said Robinson.

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Now a family is in mourning and a community is outraged calling reckless driving in Detroit a crisis, that needs to be tackled with increased patrols and traffic calming measures.

“We are asking for more traffic cops. We are asking more resources from Lansing. We are asking for greater accountability within the urban community because we know when you cross over eight mile all of a sudden you take your foot off of the gas pedal,” said Rep. Latanya Garrett, District 7 (D).

Lawmakers and community organizers joined the victims’ family Monday to remember Nala and figure out ways to prevent another tragedy from happening.

The city of Detroit is currently working to install speed humps in problem areas.

Residents can request speed humps here.

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