(CBS Detroit) – A Detroit woman is tilling the ground to beautify her neighborhood.

A lot that used to stage an abandoned home is now a community garden.

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Marilyn griffin started griffin gardens on Bentler Street back in April and over the course of just a few months, it’s blossomed into something special.

Griffin has grown fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and over 40 flower varieties.

She says her original plan was to plant pollinators for the ecosystem… but now her vision has grown to mean so much more.

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Marilyn Griffin, creator of Griffin Garden said, “It’s one of those things where we can complain all the time. We complain and say we don’t like the way our neighborhoods look. We don’t like what’s happening, but it’s like well what are you actually doing? We can complain all day but it’s all about the actions to me and so, nothing but love from the community. Everyone, I think they like this garden.”

The community gardener is also hosting Garden Yoga classes every Saturday.

It’s located at 19400 Bentler on Detroit’s west side. Admission is $12.

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