Sterling Heights, MI (CBS Detroit) – Governor Whitmer gave an update to the state’s battle with COVID-19 today standing by her decision mandating masks for youth contact sports.

students-athletes say they’re happy to play but it will be a challenge.

Friday night lights for high school football now allowed back on.

Tony Shumate, Stevenson High School Football Captain said, “I was relieved I was really happy like finally.”

But senior and football captain at Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights Tony Shumate says that happiness is bittersweet.”

Shumate said, “It still kinda sucks that we missed 4 games because like you know it was shut down, but like I’m still grateful that we came back.”

And when Tony and his team take the field for their home opener next week. they will have an added required accessory. Something he’s not too fond of.

Shumate said, “When you’re like running, your heart is working out really hard, and like you need air and you like have that mask its kinda suffocating.”

During today’s state briefing, governor Whitmer stood by an executive order released on Wednesday, that requires mask wear for organized contact sports.

Governor Whitmer said, “It’s important that we can engage in some of these things that make life feel a little more normal but we still have to be really smart about it.”

The order states that face coverings are required for athletes during practice, training, and competition when the athlete cannot maintain 6 feet of social distancing.

tony says although this is not the most ideal situation, he understands and has a message for his teammates.

Shumate said, “Just play your hearts out because at any time it can be taking away from you.”

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