(CBS DETROIT) – Michigan will start processing the $300 federals jobless benefit next week, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The $300 benefit was provided though an executive order signed by President Donald Trump. This came after Congress failed to agree on a new coronavirus stimulus package after.

On July 25 the $600 federal benefit expired in Michigan.

Steve Gray, director of the Unemployment Insurance Agency says the benefit won’t go to all filers and it is retroactive to Aug. 1. It will last for three weeks initially, according to the Detroit Free Press.

According to a labor department spokesperson, next week not all unemployment claimants who are eligible will receive the supplement benefit.

Through the program, it’s estimated 910,000 Michiganders would receive at least $300 per week in supplemental benefits.

Additionally, Michigan’s new unemployment claims have fallen by nearly 5,000.

The U.S. Department of Labor reported roughly 15,000 claims were filed in the state last week.

This is down from nearly 20,000 from two weeks ago. Nationally jobless claims were slightly up.

Roughly 830,000 claims were filed last week.

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