(CBS DETROIT) – Members from Detroit Action took their message to the streets Tuesday to catch the attention of lawmakers.

They say there’s a crisis happening in the city of Detroit where many residents are barely making ends meet and could use a leg up.

“There was a young lady who shared her story about repossession, also the inability to support families because the unemployment has gone dry, for lack of a better word, and you know the reality is that a lot of people are fearing what it may mean for them to secure housing at this time,” said Detroit Action Organizing Director Jennifer Disla.   

Detroit Action is pushing for the cancellation rent and mortgage payments throughout the duration of the pandemic plus an extension on the eviction moratorium.

“We also know that there’s corporate landlords as well in the city of Detroit and you know for corporate landlords the reality is that they have the profit margins to really withstand this and so I think that there’s a balance in regards to how we work out the reforms for landlords,” said Disla.

The 36th District Court in Detroit extended the moratorium on evictions following the expiration of the governor’s order that shielded tenants from being forced out.

The court’s extension expired Aug. 15 and now advocates are beating the drum for more housing protections.

“So we are particularly calling for the heroes act and calling for senate to act on the heroes act and really calling about relief for unemployment and relief on the housing eviction crisis,” said Disla.

The city of Detroit set-up a fund for legal defense and rental assistance for at-risk residents.

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