(CBS DETROIT) – The group Detroit Will Breathe announced Monday a lawsuit against the city of Detroit. 14 protesters are named in the suit, including one of the group’s organizers, Nakia Wallace.

“People like lives have been changed due to the nature of these injuries,” said Wallace.

Injuries Wallace says were at the hands of Detroit Police during, what she says were peaceful protests in the city.

“The individuals of the lawsuit represents medics, organizers, all peaceful individuals,” said Jack Schulz, attorney filing lawsuit against city.

The 47 page lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court seeks to ban police from using rubber bullets, riot gear, batons and tear gas against demonstrators during protests.

The suit also calls for the ban of chokeholds, a maneuver Wallace says was used on her while protesting police brutality in July.

“I’m like, that just happened, and it was completely unnecessary,” said Wallace.

Last week the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners approved a ban on chokeholds.

Police Chief James Craig, who is named in the lawsuit has long defended the actions of officers, and called for investigations of accused wrong doings.

The city is welcoming the lawsuit with a countersuit, stating, the litigation will provide an opportunity to stop further violations of the law, and hopefully reduce assaults on officers.

A statement from Lawrence Garcia, counsel for the city reads in part: “After 13 weeks of protest and demonstration, what has been recently happening in the streets of Detroit is not about raising awareness around legitimate racial justice concerns.  Wearing a bullet-proof vest to a protest, shows a certain desire and intent.”

The group has protests planned every evening this week.

“We’re not gonna stop,” said Wallace.

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