(CBS DETROIT) – It’s been a somber week at Fire Engine 59.

A place where many memories were made with Detroit Fire Sgt. Sivad Johnson.

“It’s hard when you know you’re running a rescue squad and you see a lot of death and destruction everyday. So we’re used to that but not used to seeing one of our own,” said Lt. John Szarafinski.

It’s here with his squad one team where many laughs were shared and many hardships endured.

“I will always remember him saying, ‘So what have we learned from this?’ every situation, so we at a fire and something doesn’t go exactly the way we want it’s always when we come back ‘What did you learn from that? What are we going to take from that? What are we going to do better next time?’ said Michael Sandlin.

Sgt. Johnson’s crew says he died just the way he lived, putting himself on the line to save another.

Last Friday while enjoying a day at Belle Isle beach with his 10-year-old daughter he heard a cry for help.

And although he wasn’t on the clock he was certainly on the job.

He managed to rescue three girls from the strong current, but lost his life in the powerful water.

Members from the Detroit Fire Department say Sgt. Johnson leaves behind a legacy of bravery.

A true hero who will be sorely missed.

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