(CBS DETROIT) – Covid-19 cases are trending down across the state but the Detroit region is still a hot bed.

The latest numbers reveal the region has 69 cases per one million people per day.

While state officials continue to urge residents to wash their hands, wear mask and stay six feet apart health experts are issuing a new warning.

“Now imagine if we had a major flu outbreak on top of the surge that we experienced in March and April of this year. Thousands of more people who need to be hospitalized. That would mean more people would lose their battle and we can help prevent that when we all get our flu vaccinations,” said Whitmer.

Whitmer took a flu shot as the cameras rolled during her press conference Tuesday following her announcement encouraging residents to get the vaccine ahead of the coming flu season.

“I wanted you to see that this is something that’s easy. It protects you and helps protect all of us if we keep more people out of the hospital as we go into the fall,” said Whitmer.

State health officials say flu vaccines can keep hospital beds open for Covid-19 patients if a surge happens during flu season.

“As many Michiganders as possible should get vaccinated for the flu. It’s especially important for students and educators. Many students are heading back to school in the coming days and others are hopeful to return at some point during the fall so it’s vitally important that both k-12 students, educators and their school staff get the flu shot if they were planning face-to-face instruction. The same is true for college students on our campuses at community colleges or our higher education institutions like our universities,” she said.

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