(CBS DETROIT) – Like many private schools in the Metro Detroit area, Parkway Christian is offering something a lot of public-school districts are not for the fall.

That is in-person learning and because of it, enrollment increased.

And that’s just in the last few weeks says Lori Coyer, an administrator at Parkway Christian School. As the staff prepares for new student orientation Tuesday, they will welcome 70 new families that are in the process or have completed this process.

The enrollment process is a huge jump compared to previous years, where they usually see about 30 new enrollments. Coyer says the main reason is because they will have an in-person learning option.

“If parents have to work and that’s really the main thing, two working parents, they both need to go to work and they need their children to be in school,” she said.

She also said when those new and returning students come back on Aug. 31, they will see Covid-19 safety measures in place.

“There’s 3 to 6 foot distancing in the classrooms, we’ve added sanitation locations all throughout the building for hand sanitizer and the cleaning protocol has increased,” she said.

They also offer remote learning, and has an online plan in place in case schools are required to shut down again.

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