(CBS DETROIT) – A lawyer representing a woman who was declared dead is speaking out Tuesday night.

Popular Michigan Attorney Geoffrey Fieger says 20-year-old Timesha Beauchamp was in a body bag for two hours before being discovered alive by staff at the James H. Cole funeral home.

Fieger held a zoom press conference today stating medics were called to assist Beauchamp Sunday morning who was unresponsive.

He said she was suffering an apparent seizure, a possible complication from cerebral palsy.

Southfield medics say when they arrived she was not breathing. after trying the revive her she was pronounce dead.

Attorney Fieger is speaking out on the family’s behalf saying she was still alive and was minutes away from being embalmed before funeral staff called for help.

“They reported to the family that they called the medical examiner and/or a physician who had agreed with their pronouncement of death and at that point then and this is now approximately a little after 8 a.m.,” he said.

“The funeral home was called at 9:00am but Timesha wasn’t picked up until 11:30. So Timesha was at the house during that entire time. When the funeral home picked up Timesha they arrived approximately 11:30-11:45 a.m. and she rise back in to the funeral home in a body bag that had been supplied by the police and medical people. When the body bag was opened and they were getting ready to obviously embalm her body Timesha was alive. Her eyes were open and she was breathing,” he said.

Beauchamp is currently in critical condition at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit.

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