(CBS Detroit ) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s speech at the 2020 democratic national convention echoed support for the Biden/ Harris campaign while criticizing the current administration.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer: just imagine if we had a national strategy; so everyone who needs a test gets one for free; so everyone has access to a safe vaccine.

The governor’s jabs were largely directed at president trump’s COVID-19 response but conservatives are speaking out against those remarks.

Matt Seely, Michigan conservative coalition spokesperson, “Well to say that there’s no national COVID plan is really not understanding the fact that every state is sovereign and the president has gone out of his way to stick to state’s rights and allow governors to run their states. so the response to COVID is her responsibility. the president and the federal government are there as a support system.”

Matt Seely with the Michigan conservative coalition tells CW50, President Trump pushed the auto industry to develop respirators through the defense production act while leading the charge on COVID-19 testing… and vaccine research.

But that perception is a far cry from the governor’s take.

Whitmer said, “From the jump, we took this pandemic seriously in Michigan. We listened to medical experts. we planned and with a lot of work from the autoworkers and too little help from the white house, we executed our plan. we saved thousands of lives.”

As Governor Whitmer bears the plight of COVID-19 failures on the white house…

trump supporters are swinging back stating that more federal aid could have been available in Michigan if the ball wasn’t dropped on Whitmer’s end.

Seely said, “We were one of the last states to get our paperwork in for declaring a state of emergency and when it was turned in it made national news that it wasn’t done properly and that the president really couldn’t get FEMA deployed to the state until our paperwork was in order so if she wants to talk about poor responses i think that speaks for itself.

The g.o.p. will get the chance to address the country during the Republican National Convention, next Monday in Charlotte.

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