(CBS DETROIT) – Violence in Detroit is gaining national attention, even catching the radar of the commander-in-chief.

“But Chicago should be calling us and so should Philadelphia and Detroit and others to go in and really help them,” said President Donald Trump.

Trump’s recent comments about violence in large metropolitan areas is sparking a push to deploy federal agents

to cities like Detroit.

“Because when you’re losing many people a weekend, many, many people. You see the same numbers as I do. When you’re losing these people they should call us and they should say come on in,” said Trump.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says his department did not seek the extra man power but is welcoming it due to the large number of illegal guns on the streets.

“We have not asked the federal government to come in and manage our protests. Period. I don’t know how many times I have to say that,” said Craig.

Back in December Craig met with federal officials for the relentless pursuit initiative to back the city with federal support.

Craig says this program will be enhanced with operation legend  to help DPD crack down on gun violence, not protests.

“And all the heads of the FBI, DEA, ATF, Marshalls, and welcomed a support. Welcomed the support. Relentless pursuit. So as a lot of the cities are experiencing uptick in violence, what we did or what they did is say we’re going to give you more. We’re going to enhance what we’re already doing,” he said.

Craig declares that illegal firearms is a major factor in the rise in crime as the department seized 537 illegal guns and made 473 arrests for weapons violations between June 22 and July 19. According to the White House, federal agents should be arriving in Detroit in the next two weeks, a move that is being met with mixed reactions from residents.

“I would have to see honestly. I’m not one to just jump, you know jump to conclusions and say they’ll do this or that. I would just have to see how they will approach it,” a Detroit resident said.

“I do want to see crime come down but I can’t say whether or not I want to have FBI patrolling, controlling our streets. I’m not sure if I want it done like that,” said Detroit resident, Tia Anderson.

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