(CBS DETROIT) – “A 15 year old brought in a weapon, pulled the weapon out, and shot the 10-year-old in the chest. Very unfortunate a true tragedy,” said Warren Police Department Commissioner Bill Dwyer.

A tragedy, Dwyer says may have been prevented, if there had been adult supervision at the home.

Dwyer says, there was a gathering at one of the apartments in the Warren Manor Complex Wednesday afternoon, of about 10 young people ranging in age from 10 to 16 when the shooting occurred.

“You have a 10-year-old that’s like a baby, shouldn’t have been in that apartment,” said Dwyer.

He says a 15-year-old who allegedly shot and killed the child, turned himself in to police Wednesday afternoon, and is facing possible homicide charges. He says neither the victim or suspect lived in the apartment complex.

Dwyer says several hours after this shooting, his department received calls of four people shot in another area of the city.

“Several men got into an argument and between four and five of these males pulled weapons and start firing at each other,” said Dwyer.

The shooting happened during a large party outside a home on Lawson near Stephens, according to Dwyer. A woman was shot in the leg and three men were shot in the backside. He says all were transferred to the hospital and are expected to pull through.

As of early Thursday, no suspects were in custody.

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