Southfield (CW50) – Lauren Roumayah grew up in a house full of cooking and baking. Constantly surrounded by the food and desserts, baking became her passion. After attending high school, she went to college closer to the city. Finding a love for the food throughout Detroit, she began infusing Detroit flavors into her baking, using her classmates as taste testers. She founded Detroit Cookie Co. to deliver outside the box flavors in cookies to the people of Detroit and continues to grow the company every year.

Lauren Roumayah, Founder of Detroit Cookie Co.

Lauren Roumayah, Founder of Detroit Cookie Co., joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about her journey that lead her to Detroit Cookie Co. and why following her dream of baking was the best thing she did for her happiness.

Inside the Detroit Cookie Co.

She also talks about the expansion of Detroit Cookie Co. further into Detroit suburbs.

Lauren Roumayah, Founder of Detroit Cookie Co.

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