(CBS DETROIT) – “Drop all charges, immediate release to her mother’s custody with the proper support, end the racist practices of the school to prison pipeline,” said Earl Burton of the Michigan Liberation Action Fund.

These were the demands from the group Michigan Liberation Action Fund, as they gathered outside the Oakland County Circuit court Monday.

The group is hoping Oakland County Judge Mary Ellen Breenan would release “Grace,” a 15-year-old Birmingham Groves student, who has been in juvenile detention since May, for violating her probation by not completing her on-line homework.

Monday’s hearing was a review of the case, and after nearly three hours, Judge Breenan decided, that Grace would remain in Oakland County’s Children Village.

“Where she’s unsafe due to this pandemic, where she’s not getting the love and care she needs from her mom,” said Tim Christensen of the Michigan Liberation Action Fund.

Cameras were not allowed at Monday’s hearing, where Judge Breenan stated that Grace is currently in stage two of a five-stage program. She argued that it was best for Grace to complete the program which could take a few months.

This, despite several protests, demanding Grace’s release.

“You’re lashing out, you’re rebelling against the court so we’re going to throw you into the system, that’s not how you handle it,” said Machelle Pearson of the Michigan Liberation Action Fund.

The group says even after Grace’s case they will continue to fight for others like her.

“We will keep shouting free Grace, because there are many other people in her situation,” said Christensen.

According to attorneys representing Grace, prosecutors have until July 24 to respond to Monday’s hearing.

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