(CBS DETROIT) – Business booming and firework sales are sky high here at phantom fireworks. Michael Podolsky says that’s usually the case right before the 4th of July holiday, but this year, sales have been record breaking.

“We were up 150%, rushes are common for us last week leading up to the 4th, but we’ve never seen numbers like this in May and June, it’s up considerable,” said Podolsky.

Podolsky says it’s a sign of our current times.

“Mostly the pandemic, I think a lot of people are pinned up there’s a lot of energy that people are willing to get out,” said Podolsky.

But law enforcement says before you light up, check with your city to see what is and is not allowed.

“Some restricts the type of fireworks you can have based upon either the power of the fireworks,” said Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon.

He oversees 43 communities in the county and say each one has their own fireworks ordinances. But overall state rules says, fireworks are allowed June 29 to July 4 from 11 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. Also consumer-grad fireworks can only be ignited from personal property.

Napoleon says above all safety is important.

“If they have instructions to tell you how to use them follow the instructions and don’t deviate, like don’t put something that is extremely powerful in a bottle that can explode,” said Napoleon.

He also says, kids should keep a distance from fireworks.

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