Southfield (CW50) – Alyssa DeBruyne went through the COVID-19 pandemic as an Oakland University college student and as a student teacher. She had to finish her at OU while remote learning as a student and as a student teacher.

Alyssa DeBruyne, Oakland University Graduate, teaching a class at an elementary school (Photo provided by Alyssa DeBruyne)

She had to adapt to remote learning not only to finish school, but also her K-12 classes that she taught moved to remote learning.  During all of this, DeBruyne was looking for a teaching job in a world where jobs were scarce.

Alyssa DeBruyne, Oakland University Graduate and Elementary School Teacher

Alyssa DeBruyne, Graduate of OU’s School of Education and Human Services, joins Lisa Germani on Saturday’s Community Connect to talk about the transition to remote learning during her final months at OU and her experience looking for a job as a college graduate in a world focused on a pandemic.

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