Southfield (CW50) – When COVID-19 shut down Michigan’s schools, many students moved to online learning, and with seniors looking for colleges and trying to find the right path to take for their future, their advisors had to guide them from home.

Lamphere High School, in Madison Heights, was one of many schools that didn’t want their graduates to miss out on having a graduation. The school organized a drive-thru graduation where students would drive their cars in a parade formation as teachers and faculty lined the path way to applaud and congratulate the graduating class of 2020.

Marni Lieberman, Lamphere High School’s Senior Class Advisor and Teacher, taught many of these students and help them decide on their plans for college. She had to do teach them and advise them all while everyone was in quarantine.

Marni Lieberman, Senior Class Advisor at Lamphere High School

She joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect this Saturday to talk about how the senior class coped with missing Prom and other senior activities, as well as how she maintained the relationship she has with her students even though they were all at home.

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