(CBS DETROIT) – Things were quiet early Monday in front of the Detroit Police Headquarters, but it wasn’t the case over the weekend.

“We’re fighting for justice for George Floyd, and to jail Derek Chauvin and all the cops that were involved in the conspiracy to murder George Floyd,” said Kate Stenvig.

Stenvig is with the group BAMN, coalition to defend affirmative action, integration and immigrant rights and fight for equality, by any means necessary. The group organized a rally in Detroit on Friday, that started at DPD headquarters and flowed through downtown. The rallies continued over the weekend and Monday.

“Protests have grown, because people are really angry and want to keep coming out and fighting and this movement is continuing,” said Stenvig.

As the protests continue, Detroit leaders say they will be present to ensure things remain peaceful. This, after protests Friday, Saturday and Sunday became violent, as they went into the evening hours.

“I’m here strictly for keeping the calm and the civil unrest, I’m here to protect the city,” said Pastor Maurice Hardwick.  

Hardwick aka Pastor Mo says, protecting the city is what he’s always done. He says he understands the frustration of the protesters and he’s outraged about the on-going racial issues himself. But he says violent clashes with police and trying to destroy our city, is not the answer.

“This group here, is a little bit more rebellious in wanting to get their point across,” said Hardwick.

When I asked one of the BAMN organizers if they agreed with protesters becoming violent with police in Detroit, she answered, they would get their message out, by any means necessary. Pastor Mo says as long as the protests continue in Detroit, his presence will remain.

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