DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) — Fiat Chrysler plants are revamped for employees heading back to work. From social distancing workspaces to personal protection gear new guidelines are in place ahead of production.

The facility employees walked out of following the coronavirus outbreak won’t be the same at “clock-in” Monday.

“They’ve modified stations to make sure everything is safe and ready to go when it comes to making the proper measures,” said FCA North America Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart.

And those measurements are keeping workers further apart with redesigned protective barriers and plastic partitions.

“You know we want to be together with our teammates but not too much now. It’s different and I think they’ve come to some really good arrangements to make that happen,” said FCS Global Chief manufacturing officer, Scott Garberding.

Prior to production shutdown, employees spoke out about the work conditions and fears of being so close on the assembly line after multiple workers fell ill to Covid-19.

The company closed plants back in March and went to the drawing board on a safety plan.

Workers are now required to wear masks and safety glasses at all times and daily mandatory temperature checks will be documented along with self-screening questionnaires.

“The PPE we have on right now but also things like weld curtains, plex, social distancing, reconfiguring stations, really impressed with the work,” said Garberding.

Work stations and high-traffic areas will be cleaned ten minutes prior to every shift.

The new safety measures apply to employees and visitors.

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