MICHIGAN (CBS DETROIT) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced her frustration over a bid to ban guns at the state capitol took a stand-still Monday.

“I am very disappointed that the Capitol Commission didn’t take action today to keep legislators safe,” said Whitmer.

The push comes following a series of armed protest on the grounds against the governor’s stay at home order.

“I can be very nerving and, intimidating and so for me I was definitely scared for my life at the time,” said Senator Sylvia Santana, (D) Third District.

Opponents of the proposal say it’s unconstitutional to ban guns at the state capitol and they believe the idea is an over reach.

“It’s never been an issue in the entire history of Michigan, so why is it an issue now? It was a peaceful demonstration. No one did anything to harm anyone, no gun was fired, no gun was abused, no gun was there illegally,” said Michigan Conservative Coalition Spokesperson Matt Seely.

The Michigan State Capitol Commission stalled on a decision on whether or not to allow firearms inside the building.

The six-member panel is taking more time to study the issue before taking further action.

“Right now people are on edge and they’re frustrated and those frustrations uh should not be mixed with having a semi-automatic weapon or a gun and bringing it to the capitol for a protest,” said Santana.

Gun rights advocates say it’s their right to exercise the second amendment even at the state capitol.

“In the bill of rights are our freedoms. So why anyone would want to allow a bureaucrat to regulate our rights makes no sense to me personally at all,” said Seely.

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