Southfield (CW50) – Under the initial Stay-At-Home order, Michigan golf courses were closed. In the latest executive order, golf courses were permitted to reopen under the condition of social distancing rules and the banning of golf carts.

Moose Ridge Golf Course in South Lyon reopened the course, but after consulting with lawyers, they believed the order does not specifically ban the use of golf carts. Under this interpretation, Moose Ridge has unveiled a new safety divider between the driver and passenger in the golf carts.

Derek Shortt, and girlfriend Shae White show off their new golf-cart divider, which is being used at Moose Ridge Golf Course in South Lyon. (Photo Courtesy of Moose Ridge)

Moose Ridge Gold Course Owner, Bill Shortt, joins Lisa Germani on COMMUNITY CONNECT to talk about the reopening of the course, the safety measures installed, and a lawsuit that he has joined against the State of Michigan.

Bill Shortt, Owner of Moose Ridge Golf Course.

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