(CBS DETROIT) – During this pandemic, health and safety is number one priority for employees in their workplace. When one employee at the Juvenile Detention Center in Wayne County felt her health was being compromised, she said she was forced to resign.

“Hey Ms. Petty my hands are tied, there’s not much I can do, either you go to the 2nd floor where the detainees were housed, where I wouldn’t be able to practice social distancing, or you resign,” said Azanean Petty.

Petty says she was given an ultimatum by a Deputy Manager at the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility. She says prior to resigning from her position at the center on April 6, she brought up concerns of proper sanitation.

Petty says she, her co-workers and detainees were put at risk for Covid-19. In addition to the sanitation issue, petty says she was not allowed to wear a protective mask at work.

“Not allowed to wear it inside the facility, however we require that you wear it anytime you’re in a public space,” she said.

Petty says this concerned her, because she worked directly with detainees at the center, and says at the time they were not being tested for Covid-19. She says she could not risk contracting the virus.

“Having sickly parents and a new born who was born with respiratory issues, it really alarmed me and prompted my being forced to resign,” said Petty.

Now she has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming she was forced to choose between her safety and her job.

“I’m drawing light to the situation with the pandemic, and now people are actually taking it serious,” she said.

The juvenile detention facility does not comment on current litigation cases.

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