Southfield (CW50) – Karen Whitsett is a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from District 9. Whitsett was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the beginning of April and has since recovered. Afterwards, she attributed her recovery to the controversial drug, hydroxychloroquine, which President Trump had been vocal in his support for the drug. After her treatment with the drug, Whitsett has received backlash and has even been censured by the Democratic Party for thanking President Trump for his recommendation of the drug.

Michigan House Representative District 9 Karen Whitsett.

Rep. Karen Whitsett joined Lisa Germani on Community to discuss her experience recovering from COVID-19, as well as the political backlash she has received for thanking President Trump on his support of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus.

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  1. Thomas of TN says:

    Ms. Whitsett decried the playing of partisan politics…then she very clearly insinuated that the fault of the boondoggle that has created problems of ample testing materials being available in Michigan stem from Governor Whitmer playing politics while dealing with Trump, not necessarily the other way around, nor even at least that equal culpability is justifiable to assign. Besides that…the entire tenor of this “interview” including the rhetoric of the interviewer very clearly skewed toward reflecting an indictment of Democrats without, again, allowing for any even suggested accountability for actions by Republican. I had to double check that I had not stumbled upon a Fox News broadcast by happenstance, and that is not expressed facetiously. I get that Ms. Whitsett credits Trump for saving her life – which, by the way, contrary to…again…the tenor of this interview, taking a drug touted by Trump was not unequivocally responsible for her recovery, despite the (but that is an aside) – but this was an exchange between Ms. Whitsett and the correspondent clearly endeavored to promote a political agenda. Which fact in and of itself is certainly the right of Ms. Whitsett to convey…but the repeated insistence made, by Ms. Whitsett, by the commenator, that, for once, partisan politics should be put aside flew completely in the face of what was the at least unwitting if not deliberate design of this exchange. I know an informercial when I see one…and this was one of them.

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