(CBS DETROIT) – When it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic many of us are having a hard time coping. But those with autism are having an even more difficult time.

“Sometimes I have trouble with emotions and everything,” said 15-year-old Dylan Sousey, who is having hard time with the pandemic.

Sousey and his family have had some challenges over the years. Diagnosed with high functioning autism at 8-years-old, he says life can be hard, but throw in a global crisis and that hardship can be devastating.

“I’m use to routines, I’m use to doing things on a set time schedule. So when this first started and I first got out, everything was terrible because my whole routines have been disrupted,” he said.

“He’ll throw things, slam things, he’ll just have like emotional outburst where he’ll start crying, and he’ll cry so hard he’ll make himself sick,” said Kris Sousey, Dylan’s mom.

He recently celebrated his 15th birthday and although he wasn’t able to attend a movie and Japanese restaurant like he wanted the Warren Police Department came out to show him some birthday love.

After his mom requested birthday cards online, he received over 130 from complete strangers all over the country.

He said this was especially touching, because most times people don’t understand what he’s going through. With April being National Autism Awareness Month, he has a message, “If you know they have autism and they’re having a bad day then don’t try to make it worse, don’t judge people just because they have autism, they’re people too.”

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