(CBS DETROIT) – Orders are pouring in and the line is getting long.

“Like usually I make the products once or twice a week, now I’m making them every single day and selling out before the day is over,” Maria Lemay-Bey, Moor Herbs Marketplace owner.

Moor Herbs Market Place on West Seven mile in Detroit is seeing a jump in sales as people look for ways to improve their immune system.

“I have sea moss, it’s apple, mango, and cranberry. My favorites. So, I can’t wait to taste it. I know it’s good,” said Rhonda Ravenell.  

Although health care professionals speak against natural remedies customers say there’s no better way to care for the body.

“I think I got some black seed and Maringa. Very good for the blood. So, I’m all about keeping the blood clean because your white and red blood cells can fight off just about anything,” said Micah Boone.

Customers have been lining up by the dozens for this alkaline water and the owners at Moor Herbs say this machine is responsible for removing the impurities from the water and they say the end product can help you boost your immune system.

The products on the shelves have not been approved by Federal Health Regulators for treatment, prevention or cures.

Yet, supplies are selling out since COVID-19 surfaced locally.

“Like first it started at the beginning of March. It was just getting busier and I’m thinking ‘Oh! Oh! We’re doing good.’ Thinking that it’s just us and it’s the spring and people are feeling good. Then when the coronavirus came to Michigan last week, they triple and we’ve been like really busy ever since. We can’t keep anything on the shelves,” said Lemay-Bey.

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