DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – The Center for Disease Control says coronavirus cases will rise in the U.S. and the spread is inevitable.

Now doctors in Detroit are warning people to take extra precautions to keep the illness at bay.

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The CDC is implementing an aggressive containment strategy, to slow the introduction of the coronavirus throughout the country.

“It can be transmitted through you know sneezing. If you are sneezing on me, coughing on me, if you’re touching a surface and then I happen to touch that surface,” said Dr. Teena Chopra, Wayne State University professor of infectious diseases.

The federal health protection agency says international travel is causing successful containment of the severe respiratory disease to become more challenging.

“CDC has made this recommendation for the community to understand that there can be a pandemic. We witnessed a pandemic of H1N1 flu virus in 2009 and similarly we can have a pandemic because we are seeing other nations like Italy and Iran and Korea they are struggling with the community spread of this virus,” said Chopra.

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Currently there are no vaccines or medication available for the illness.

Doctors are recommending community mitigation guidelines for the coronavirus also known as COVID-19.

It includes personal protection, social distances and surface cleaning measures to prevent or limit exposure.

“Avoid close contact with somebody who’s sick. Anybody who is sick avoid close contact. Make sure you wash your hands at least for 20 seconds. Wash the front and the back of your hands and your nails and stay at home if you’re sick,” said Chopra.

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