OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – Last week Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard pulled over a police cruiser posing as a cop car in Waterford Township. Now officers are warning drivers how to spot a fake cop car even when they have similar markings.

If you’re driving and look into your rearview mirror and notice police lights, do you know what do you do?

Major Christopher Wundrach of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says to “turn on your blinkers so the officer knows that you know he’s pulling you over.”

But as you’re pulling over, what if you notice something isn’t quite right?

“If you think you’re being pulled over by someone you have questions about, pull into a lighted area, a convenient store, a shopping mall, somewhere where you can be seen, and call 911,” said Wundrach.

Wundrach says they don’t see too many cop impersonators, especially with all the decked-out car decals like the vehicle Adrian Asante was driving.

Although Bouchard knew something was off, most motorists could have easily mistaken his vehicle as a real cop car.

“With all these vehicles that have been purchased through private auctions, old police cars, people drive them as their normal police cars,” he said.

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