MICHIGAN (CBS DETROIT) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s appearance lasted 45 minutes Thursday night for her second State of the State speech.

The hot topic of the night was Michigan’s crumbling roads.

After Governor Whitmer’s proposal to add a 45-cent per-gallon tax on gas was shot down, she announced a plan to get it done through executive orders.

Whitmer is proposing a $3.5 billion borrowing plan to fix the roads.

Part of her strategy includes 122 major road projects, but the plan is receiving some push back because it will increase the state’s debt.

“We need the roads did but we don’t need to get more in debt because that’s gone make me pay more and my wage is not going up but everything else is,” said Myron Page.

“Hopefully Governor, I hope you’re successful in your endeavor but right now I don’t think it’s possible,” said Odell Jackson.

Whitmer’s proposal to sale bonds for road repair does not require legislative approval.

For 2020, Whitmer also promises new literacy programs, jobs, electric vehicle production and healthcare.

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