(CBS DETROIT) – As cases of the coronavirus continue to rise, the University of Michigan is taking action, on all campuses.

U of M Health Officer Preeti Malani says “we heed that advice” when our government authorities, the CDC and state department are saying to avoid all non-essential travel to a particular region.

“These trips are planned months sometimes years in advance so postponing them is a little disappointing but I think everyone understands,” said Malani.

Travel has been restricted for undergrads participating in school-related travel to China.

For the foreseeable future, likely several weeks.

This mainly affects students studying abroad. In addition to the recent outbreak of a potentially severe infection, chances for disrupted travel are high.

“The risk of disrupted travel is likely 100 percent at this point just given what we’re hearing from colleagues on the ground and also our national authorities,” said Malani.

Although travel has been restricted to undergrads it does not apply to graduate students.

Graduate students can still go overseas, but it would be on a case by case basis with a safety plan in place that must be reviewed and approved by the university.

“Just to make sure that people have thought through things and some of the questions are if your travels are disrupted and you need to shelter in place what resources might you have,” said Malani.

U of M says although this may inconvenience some, it is what’s best for students.

Concerns over the virus have pushed many people, especially at airports to wear face masks.

The CSC says wearing a mask is unnecessary because there is not much evidence it protects you.

Health officials say the risk of the coronavirus spreading in the US remains low.

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