Southfield (CW50) – Holy Yoga Detroit is different from your average yoga class. The difference is in the name “Holy” Yoga. Each class incorporates scripture into the daily program in order to further the spirituality part of yoga.

On this week’s COMMUNITY CONNECT, Lisa Germani sat down with Myreya Amezcua to talk about what programs Holy Yoga Detroit offers.

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Myreya Amezcua, Holy Yoga Detroit, with Community Connect Host Lisa Germani (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Yoga has both physical and mental experiences. Not everyone can experience the mental aspect of yoga. Yoga will help you strengthen your body, where the mental/spirituality part is obtainable through connecting with yourself through the spirituality of yoga.

Holy Yoga Detroit’s instructors are trained not only in the practice of yoga, but are taught how to incorporate bible versus into the class to help students spiritually connect with God.

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Myreya Amezcua, Holy Yoga Detroit (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Holt Yoga Detroit offers public classes and outreach classes. Anyone is welcome at any of Holy Yoga Detroit’s 12 public classes regardless of yoga experience. The outreach classes have 15 locations where other non-profits invite Holy Yoga Detroit to teach classes to people experiencing different hardships in life.

One of the specialized classes is “fight + surrender” classes.  These classes include both yoga as well as high intensity cardio and workout.

To learn more about Holy Yoga Detroit, go to

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