Southfield (CW50) – Today at CW50, our crew, along with Lisa Germani, rehearsed for CW50’s brand new show Community Connect.

Lisa Germani setting up for the show’s cold-open (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

In order to ensure a great episode for everyone this Saturday, our crew implemented our new graphics, new camera setups, and new lighting for our the all-new Community Connect set. Check it out!

Community Connect Set (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Community Connect Set (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, in front of the new set (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

The Host of Community Connect, Lisa Germani, ran through the script with CW50’s April Morton acting as her guest.

CW50’s April Morton, with Community Connect Host Lisa Germani (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

The Executive Producer of Community Connect sat down with Community Connect’s Director to discuss the direction and flow of the show.

Community Connect Director Todd Bruhnsen, with Community Connect Executive Producer Meggan Jacobs (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Check out more behind-the-scenes photos below: (Drag to change photo)


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