Detroit (CW50) – On this week’s very special edition of STREET BEAT, we honor 60 years of Berry Gordy’s Motown empire as Lisa Germani travels to Hitsville USA’s Studio A where it all began. Motown represents not only the heart of Detroit, but a universal movement representing soul, genius and style.

Entrance to Studio A at the Motown Museum

Here in Studio A, artists gathered to make history – from Smokey Robinson to Marvin Gaye all backed by the legendary Funk Brothers. We are at the Motown Museum to celebrate that sound and the legacy that still remains today.

Studio A at the Motown Museum

First, Lisa speaks with Raina Baker, program manager for the Motown Museum, to learn about that very history of Motown and what it means to the city of Detroit.

Street Beat Host Lisa Germani, with Raina Baker, program manager of the Motown Museum (Credit: Olivia Bennett/CW50)

Raina also speaks with us about the future of the Motown Museum and how they hope to impact the community as they continue fundraising for the proposed museum expansion.

Future Rendering of the Motown Museum

Then, we talk to Beth Griffith-Manley, daughter of Johnny Griffith, a Funk Brother pianist, to hear about growing up with a legendary Motown artist and how it has impacted her musical career.

Street Beat Host Lisa Germani, with Beth Griffith-Manley, musician (Credit: Olivia Bennett/CW50)

Johnny Griffith, legendary Motown pianist

Lastly, Lisa speaks to Ann Delisi, Host of WDET’s Essential Music, to get her essentials on the Motown Sound and how we can still hear that music today.

Lisa Germani, Host of WDET’s Essential Music (Credit: Olivia Bennett/CW50)

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