(CW 50/International Business Times) – Recently, Gina Rodriguez spoke about her mental health journey. She says that her depression began at age 16 and resurfaced during production of the series finale of “Jane The Virgin”.

“There was a point where I couldn’t…push through every single time anymore,” the newlywed explained.  “And I’m one of those human beings … where I’m like, I’ll handle it later. I’ll deal with it later. I’ll figure it out later. I just have to do this now. All the while you’re dealing with your silent little dragon in your head.””

There came a point, though, where Rodriguez couldn’t just “push through” anymore. She recounted the moment that occurred on the set of “Jane The Virgin.

“And it came to a point,” she explained, “this season was the first season where I had to stop production. I had a really tumultuous season, and I was unafraid for the first time to be like, ‘I can’t.'”

When “Jane The Virgin” first debuted on The CW, it made viewers at home realize that they too could be actors in a hit primetime show regardless of what they looked like. Many reviewers credit Gina Rodriguez’ star power for helping bring telenovela-style romantic comedies to the mainstream culture. Rodriguez has inked a production deal with CBS Television Studios to develop shows on the network.

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