Southfield (CW50) – This week on STREET BEAT, Amyre Makupson focuses on transportation for the summer months with guests from around the city whose jobs help improve our commutes and travel.

Diane Cross, Communications for the Michigan Department of Transportation (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

In her first segment, Amyre sits down with Diane Cross from the Michigan Department of Transportation to highlight what MDOT does on a daily basis to improve commutes and assess the state of our roads and construction.

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Leigh Schultz, city of Southfield Engineer, with Street Beat Host Amyre Makupson (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Then, Amyre talks with Leigh Schultz, an Engineer with the City of Southfield, to discuss the building and improvement of roads around the city. As well as the future of transportation around the city with ride sharing and rental scooters.

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Matt Carr, CEO of Storch Magnetics, with Street beat Host Amyre Makupson (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

In her third segment, Amyre discusses what Storch Magnetics is up to with their SuperMag. Matt Carr, CEO of Storch Magnetics brought in examples of what the SuperMag helps remove from our roads. He even brought in a tire with a personal story attached to why a piece of metal is stuck in it.

Dan Lijana, Communications Officer for M-1 Rail (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Finally, Amyre is with Dan Lijana from M-1 Rail to explain the current state and the future of transportation in downtown Detroit, as well as the Q-Line.

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